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What's Sapore

Sapore is just one way to continue the experience made at Rosso del Chianti or simply to begin it.

It is entering a Chianti family and sharing a kitchen experimenting with traditional recipes and then enjoying them all together around a table recreating the simplicity and pleasure of being together that once represented everyday life.

We introduce ourselves

Our team


The "oldest" girl, perhaps the most versatile in age and experience--the leader of the group.


Most passionate, her engaging energy transforms the kitchen into a playful and very fun environment, a cook and foodie by nature.


Our now naturalized Cuban girl from Tuscany always carrying the positivity and musicality of her wonderful islands.


Our "foreign" correspondent, best suited for international exchanges because of her perfect knowledge of foreign languages and her interpersonal skills.


The youngest, our alternative girl devotee of a simple life really close to our tradition of country living in contact with nature and all its gifts.


Our only man on the team that is, the one who for every kind of problem has the ready solution. A craftsman-artist who has now discovered a new art....that of cooking.

Complete Tuscan

Approximately 4 hours of class time. Realization of:

Tuscan crostini

Pappa al Pomodoro or Pasta al Sugo

Chicken with Olives or Peposo or Flavor Arista

Sautéed Spinach

Beans all'Uccelletto

Tiramisu or Apple Pie

Option to request a vegetarian menu.

Fresh Pasta

Approximately 3 hours of class time. Realization of:



Stuffed Pasta Ravioli or Tortelli

Condiments of your choice: Tuscan Ragout, Aglione, Butter and Sage

Dessert, Wine and Coffee from the house

Dough making, pulling dough by hand using both rolling pin and pasta machine. Dinner to follow with tasting of the prepared dough.

Have fun cooking



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Other experiences

Bernini Bottega Toscana

Last stop for your Tuscan experience is definitely a visit to our store, where you can purchase what you have come to know and appreciate during your stay.

L'offerta spazia dai profumi e prodotti cosmetici presenti nelle camere, dalle delizie assaggiate alle colazioni o alla lezione di cucina.

Macelleria di Dario Cecchini

To complete the experience in Panzano in Chianti and after staying overnight at "Rosso del Chianti" and participating in the cooking class with "Sapore," the experience with the family's most influential and well-known representative cannot be missed.

We are talking about Dario Cecchini, Marina's older brother and ambassador of Tuscan cuisine in the world. In his restaurants you will experience an experience in atmosphere and quality of meat.


In the heart of Tuscany WeHike takes you on day trips to Chianti combined with original experiences in search of artistic, oenological, gastronomic and artisanal treasures.

A new way to explore Chianti with unique experiences to live together, sharing every step, every taste and every emotion.

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